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About Arinthia

Hi, I'm the lead consultant and founder of Arinthia College Consultancy. I am a current student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was also accepted to Stanford, Yale, Ivy Leagues, and others including some full ride scholarships, research stipends, and an NYU Deans Scholarship. Out of all 25+ schools I applied to, I was only rejected from 2 of them (waitlisted from some).

I started this service because I know how it feels to be confused and frustrated about the complex tribulations of the college admissions process. I love to help others and look forward to sharing my advice with you.

What sets me apart? I am not an admissions officer, and I cannot 100% guarantee your placement to a top college. However, I do have the credentials and skills to advertise my services at an affordable cost. I will not make any promises I cannot keep, but I do promise to give 110% effort and honest advice for your college journey. I will not let you down with the quality of my consulting.

What I have going for me:

Benefactors of Arinthia advice and frameworks have brought PROVEN results, with a reach school acceptace rate over 75%, including T20 USNEWS schools, ivy leagues, etc.

I am an accomplished essay writer, having achieved national and international recognition from several essay contests and scholarships.

My father holds an educational doctorate, has taught at several universities, and previously worked in the Recruitment Operations (Admissions) Department at a Top 30 USNEWS school, and I am able to verify with him regarding the accuracy of all statements at my leisure.

My pricing is extremely flexible, especially for low income students, and I also offer pro-bono advice through my admissions blog, social media communication, and video consultations.

I am not going to charge exploitative rates that bleed you dry. I am not a corporation, I am not a pyramid scheme, I am a student like YOU who just went through the process, and my info is up to date, relevant, tried and TRUE.

No matter who you are, where you are, and what your dream school is, I will do everything in my power to help you achieve those goals -- student to student.

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Client Testimonials

Here's an example customer testimonial that soon will serve as an example to people who aspire to purchase products through this website.
-- George P. Burdell

Here's an example customer testimonial that soon will serve as an example to people who aspire to purchase products through this website.
-- George P. Burdell

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